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  Most religions survive on the promotion of faith as people think that faith is necessary for the expression of spirituality. People who refused to gulp down the faiths dispensed by these religions were branded as unbelievers and atheists in the past. The collective hostility of the believers against those who fall outside their versions of faith and spirituality is violent even in this twenty-first century that takes pride in the perfections of many of its systems except. 

The system of life with which people identify God is the only holistic system that exists in the Universe. The system of life – the Universe, the Earth, and life in it – is not affected by faith. Nobody can reposition the Sun or any planet with the help of their faith. Life cannot be affected by any belief as it is the creation of the system of life that the prophets called the Truth. To be honest to the system that has been responsible for the creation of life, it must be lived on the basis of its sacred relationship with the system of life . Truth is synonymous with God because if it is not here, there will be no here, no God, and no people to kill for God. Some palpable changes may be effected by faith at the personal level due to the relationship between the mind and the body. This is the basis of faith healing. But faith is causing more than that in the world by making the so called fundamentalists who do not know the fundamentals of spirituality to destroy both life and property. Faith is even changing the course of nations. These are the greatest miracles that faith effects in the whole world. Some religions survive with the propagation of miracles. People who claim to be civilized as well as those who are branded as uncivilized fight for their faiths because all think that faith is necessary for their human identity.

Human identity is not the product of any system that humans make as part of their time-based reasoning - it belongs to the human birth. Its basis is the concern of the self for the components of the system of life which includes humans too. Since the expression of the culture of the mind as well as that of the society depends on maintaining the sacred relationship with the components of the system of life, they must be called the objects of culture. The objects of civilization, on the other hand, are the things that humans make as part of their time-based perceptions. They include religions, ideologies, arts of culture, objects of trade, etc. The conquest of consciousness by the objects of civilization marks the end of culture as it destroys the love and respect that are necessary for the expression of culture.

The problems that humans try to solve with faith are actually the creations of the sham spirituality that promote faith. All the problems that we have in this world are due to the absence of intelligence in the management of life. The faiths that religions speak of are just expressions of parochialism whereas the system of God is holistic. Though God is supposed to be holistic in expression, people make God parochial due to the promotion of these faiths. The ones who kill innocent children and grown-ups for material gains and the survival of their faiths speak of even God blessing them. When faith-based religions make faith in God a substitute for many physical factors that aid the system of life, the intelligent management of life disappears from life. Life is the creation of the system of life, and it must be lived on the basis of this system. For the survival of the sanity of the human mind as well as to the system of life, people must liberate themselves from the sham spirituality that faiths have thrust upon them.

Life must be lived on its own sensibilities. For humans they are the human sensibilities, and these sensibilities are not the creations of any civilization. On the other hand, they belong to the human birth. The systems that humans develop must be for supporting the system of life. Human sensibilities tend to diminish when consciousness is conquered by the systems that humans develop as part of their civilizations. Love and respect for the components of the system of life disappear when efforts are made to promote the objects that humans make in violation of the sacred relationship with the system of life. The objects that are promoted for the promotion of trade are making their conquest on the culture of the mind to the detriment of the sanity of the human mind. Where they make their conquest most, culture disappears from life as all the systems are manipulated for maximizing the consumption of traded objects. The absence of human sensibility caused by the invasion of traded objects is becoming a world problem due to the manipulation of both the worlds, i.e. the world that belongs to the system of life as well as the worlds that human build upon this world.

Societies degrade physically and morally when religions make faith the panacea for all the troubles. At such times, people who regain the real human identity try to veer away people to the reality because the basis of spirituality is in retaining the sacred relationship between the self and the real world. One who tried to correct the society at such a time was Mohammed. "Men, serve your Lord, who has created you and those who have gone before you, so that you may guard yourselves against evil; who has made the earth a bed for you and the sky a dome, and has sent down water from the sky to bring forth fruits for your sustenance." (‘The Koran.’2:21-22) That means life must be lived according to the system of life. The best expression of the mind is possible only if it is linked to the components of the system of life as human happiness and welfare are very much embedded in this real relationship. The 'One' who created the whole world is not a fabrication of faith. Reality is not a product of any civilization as it is the world that lies outside the world that humans create. People are very much confused in the case of reality due to the conquest of consciousness by the products of civilization- the more the educated, the worse. Faith is not Truth. Religions are slipping into the very expressions the prophets were fighting against for bringing sanity into human life.

Human beings by birth belong to the real world. They are taken intellectually and emotionally out of that by the societies that cultivate reductionism based on their reasoning. The influence of reasoning on consciousness is quite damaging to life as well as the system of life because reasoning is a product of reductionism. (see Death of Reason) Human mind essentially is not a product of reasoning; it is the product of the system of life. If anybody suffers from reasoning, it must be confined to the limits of ones own skin because the system of life is not a product of reasoning. The real world that the system of life nurtures is the only expression of spirituality. Humans must surrender to its reasoning for the full expression of life.

Religious rules and rituals must represent the sacred relationship between the self and the real world; if not, life lacks intelligent management of life. The source of intelligence is the system of life, and the knowledge that one gets from the system of life makes one enlightened. The prophets were enlightened; the religious fundamentalists are the expressions of the very thing the prophets fought against – faith. What the prophets demanded was faith in the system of life. The effect of faith in one God, or many gods, or no God is the same – it makes people parochial. It also gives opportunity to many anti-life systems to flourish. “He that fights for God’s cause fights for himself. God needs no man’s help.” (‘The Koran’ 29:6)

Faith is not the source of knowledge for the intelligent management of life. What faith gives is sham spirituality. Religions, ideologies, and the material objects that humans make as part of their civilizations must support the system of life. The expression of spirituality is in belonging intellectually and emotionally to the real world which is the expression of spirituality. Humans cannot judge that world, they must belong to it. The source of knowledge that is necessary for this up-gradation of life is available to human beings as to any other being. 'Tao Te Ching', ('The Writings of Chuangtze') says of these values that transcend the reasoning of human beings. "Man's proper Truth is what he has received from Heaven, operating spontaneously, and unchangeable. Therefore, the sages take their law from Heaven, and prize their Truth, without submitting to the restrictions of custom. The stupid do the reverse of this. They are unable to take their law from Heaven, and are influenced by other men; they do not know how to prize the proper Truth, but are under the dominion of ordinary things, and change accordingly to the customs (around them)." What afflicts the world today is sham spirituality. All these wars are the products of faith.

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