We think of God just because the System that supports life is a meaningful and moral expression. Had it been an immoral expression this Universe and this World would not have come into being. Like everything and every being that belongs to this World we too have our characteristics decided by the System that controls life here. The factor that decides our moral structure is the soul that we get along with life. The soul decides our conscience and human consciousness; it is not the product of our reasoning. We lose the moral structure of the mind when we succumb to the products of our reasoning. The products of our reasoning are what we make as part of our civilization- religious faiths, money, ideologies, and the like. We can regain our morality only if we get guidance from the soul that is supposed to guide us in life. Religious faiths have nothing to do with spirituality as they are the products of our reasoning. Spirituality we express only when we show love and respect for life and its relationship. Prophets from Moses to Muhammad were finding solutions when religious faiths affected human consciousness and social life.
The book defines the sensibility of the soul as the concept of Pure Reason. The sensibility of the soul is vital for the upgradation of life. No civilization can survive long by forsaking the soul that we get with life. As it defines the Expression of the Enlightenment Attained by the Prophets it is a great tool in the eradication of ignorance that many religions preach.      

The book is available from the following Amazon sites.
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Kevala Yukti, the Malayalam version of Pure Reason is available at
I have started a Pure Reason group for working against religious fundamentalism, please click here to join the discussions. Pure Reason
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